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The Rag Company Difference

The Rag Company offers the finest quality microfiber cleaning, detailing and facial/spa products at retail pricing. Unfortunately, a majority of online retailers and big-box stores are flooding the market with cheap and much less effective microfiber products.  As a consumer it's important you understand that not all microfiber is created equally:

  • SPLIT MICROFIBER - All microfiber products from The Rag Company have gone through a micro-replication splitting process to create even more surface area on the fibers. The equipment to do this is very expensive but necessary to produce the thirstiest, most effective microfiber in the world. Because of these additional splits, microfiber from The Rag Company is able to absorb 7 times or more of its own weight in liquids and is extremely effective at cleaning and wiping dust, dirt, water, grease, oils, etc.  Cheaper microfiber towels don't go through this process and lack the additional fiber surface area to be even close as effective as towels from The Rag Company.
  • YARN QUALITY - It's widely recognized that the finest microfiber in the world comes from South Korea. The Rag Company's highest quality detailing, cleaning and facial/spa/bath towels are manufactured with the highest AA-Grade fiber yarn made exclusively in South Korea. The manufacturing process to produce this yarn is more expensive, but it results in towels with the highest absorption rate, antibiotic action, and dryability available in the marketplace.
  • FABRIC DENSITY - Most microfiber towels from The Rag Company have over 300,000 fibers per square inch. Cheaper towels can have less than half that density (<100,000) resulting in a much lower absorbency capability. In general, the higher the density count, the more effective a towel is at drying and cleaning.
  • POLYESTER / POLYAMIDE RATIO - Quality microfiber typically falls within a ratio range of 70/30 to 80/20 - all products from The Rag Company are within this range. Polyamide (nylon) is more expensive to produce than polyester. Many cheaper towels are made from 100% polyester and lack the composition/blend necessary for effective cleaning and drying.
  • QUALITY CONTROL - Many mid-quality manufacturers produce their fabric in Korea and then ship it to China to be made into towels and other products. This enables them to utilize higher quality Korean fabric and then take advantage of cheaper Chinese labor, but they lose the ability to fully control quality processes from end-to-end. In general, the best quality microfiber manufacturers produce both their fabric and their products in South Korea at a single facility where quality is closely monitored throughout the entire process. All of The Rag Company's highest quality microfiber detailing, cleaning and facial/spa/bath products are manufactured this way. 

Don't be fooled - just because a product is labeled "microfiber" doesn't give you enough information to make a fully informed purchasing decision.  Be a wise consumer and, at a minimum (if available) check the label for product quality and composition information including weight (grams per square meter) and polyester / polyamide ratio (typically between 70/30 & 80/20). Many microfiber manufacturers and sellers won't include that information in hopes that you'll think all microfiber is the same. The Rag Company proudly posts the content of our products and are extremely confident that you'll find our products to be among the very best available anywhere.

Quality towels cost more to produce, but cheap, poorly constructed towels will cost you more to use in the end. High-quality microfiber towels will clean, dry, detail, and last far longer than lower quality bundled big-box store and "cheap website" microfiber towels - not to mention the extra cost associated with scratching items of value (cars, musical instruments, etc.) through the use of lower quality towels. Do the math: would you rather spend $1.50 for one high quality cleaning towel that does the work of three $1.00 towels? Hmmm, $1.50 vs. $3.00 - your choice. That's an actual example from an actual customer - one of our 12"x12" Premium Blue Microfiber Terry Towels vs. three $1.00 towels from a popular home improvement store.

Of course a drawback to The Rag Company's business is that the customer doesn't have to buy as many towels from us in the future due to the higher durability of our towels. But we're OK with that. We would much rather have satisfied customers that tell their friends and other businesses about The Rag Company's high-quality towels and then have their friends and businesses buy their microfiber products from us as well.  It all works out in the long run!

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