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What is Microfiber

"What Is Microfiber?" Takes a broad-look at how Microfiber is different from other textiles, and why it's often the best-suited for nearly any cleaning task.

"Dane Explains" Is a video series produced by The Rag Company to help users understand the fundamentals of microfiber as well as how to get the most out of it. 

Who better to teach our viewers about MICROFIBER than the co-owner of The Rag Company himself? Today, we give you a comprehensive look into the WORLD of microfiber!

Auto Detailing, Cleaning, Spa & Facial, Sport, Commercial Cleaning...And the list goes on. There isn't a task where Microfiber cannot replace a old cotton towel. Microfiber has changed the way we safely and effectively clean things. No more scratching a new paint job or streaky mess when you dry water. If it wasn't for microfiber, car enthusiasts would still be buying diapers to wipe down their car. But what microfiber is best? And are the cheaper microfibers just as good as the expensive ones? Co-Owner Jeff Hennen gives you some of the lesser known details on microfiber (like where it comes from) and how to choose the right towel for the job. This video should be helpful for anyone learning how to detail a car, or even the experience pro detailers that want to learn more about towels. Knowledge is key in any business, and microfiber towels are the best option in the cleaning industry.

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