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Learn how to clean your tires effectively, simply with tools lying around your home such as a hose, tire brush and car wash soap.

We get asked all the time about applying tire dressings & coatings, but one of the most important parts of that process is what you do BEFORE them: PROPERLY cleaning the tires!


  • Black Tire Brush
  • P&S Brake Buster
  • P&S Pearl Car Soap
  • Long Handle Soft-Bristle Brush
  • TRC Spectrum 420 Towel

TIRE PROTECTION OPTIONS (From Shortest to Longest Durability):

  • P&S Shine All
  • OPT Opti-Bond Tire Gel
  • OPT Tire Coating


  • Host: Levi Gates 
  • Recorded by: Jimmy Wilkey, Dane Hennen 
  • Edited by: Dane Hennen, Jimmy Wilkey
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