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In today's video, Anthony lays down some "brush law" with the Detail Factory brush lineup! From exterior to interior automotive detailing, these detailing brushes have made a huge impact in the niche world of quality brushes.

Next to a microfiber towel, detailing brushes are one of the MOST USED detailing accessories in the detail industry. Whether it's for brushing emblems, cleaning out door jambs, or doing some much needed wheel cleaning, brushes are a necessity. Detail Factory made a bang in 2017 with the introduction of their synthetic bristle brush. This brush (often confused with a makeup brush) was one of the safest brushes the industry has seen yet! The boars hair brush came soon after and offered more scrubbing power in the areas the synthetic was too soft for.

Cheap detailing brushes still serve their place in the world in areas where they may be a one time use. However, the Detail Factory brushes were designed to last years and have proven to be huge step above the competition. They boast chemical resistance, an ergonomic handle, a 50/50 weight distribution, a hang hook, and the highest quality bristles. We think you'll love these as much as we do!


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