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In today's video, Anthony lays down some "brush law" with the Detail Factory brush lineup! From exterior to interior automotive detailing, these detailing brushes have made a huge impact in the niche world of quality brushes. Next to a microfiber towel, detailing brushes are one of the MOST USED detailing accessories in the detail industry. Whether it's for brushin …
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Morgan McJourney | 114 | MAIN SHOW | TRC PODCAST

Posted by The Rag Company on 15th Oct 2019

THIS WEEK: Morgan talks about her trip to RUPES USA, Anthony sees the Joker, Levi has a date night and Dane looks to get back into fighting shape!
Ram from Colourlock UK joins Morgan in the studio with an e36 BMW M3. The leather interior is in decent shape but has definitely started to show its age, so with Ram’s expertise, Morgan learns the Colourlock method for restoring old, worn out & cracked leather car seats! …
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It's time for Q&A THURSDAY! On Thursday afternoons we answer YOUR questions about TRC and the auto detailing industry, products, techniques, trends & more! Don't be afraid to ask something even if it's simple, because we're here to help!  ***This is an unedited Livestream, however, so bear in mind that anything could happen!*** …
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Oktoberfest | 113 | MAIN SHOW | TRC PODCAST

Posted by The Rag Company on 7th Oct 2019

THIS WEEK: Anthony returns from his beer-soaked European honeymoon, Levi lives in a germ-factory, (Where productivity is on the rise) and Dane finally sells the Volvo!
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