P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant Gallon (128 oz)

P&S BEAD MAKER Paint Protectant Gallon (128 oz)

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    Phenomenal stuff.

    Posted by Alex DeSurveyor on 19th Nov 2018

    I don't know what I can add to the other glowing reviews about P&S Bead Maker, but the shine and slickness this stuff provides is truly insane. Never seen or felt anything like it. You do use a fair amount of product on the initial application; I used about six or seven ounces on my 2017 Accord EX-L 6MT. But still a bargain, especially if you buy it by the gallon as I did. Give it a try... you won't be sorry.

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    Bead Maker? Indeed, and so much more!

    Posted by Ed Iverson on 31st Oct 2018

    I heard the guys promoting this on the Detalks podcasts, and thought it had to be worth trying out; after all they didn't steer me wrong with any of the Optimum products, and I appreciate their honesty in assessing what they use on their own vehicles. Well, to say I was astounded by the results of this on my '08 black Suburban is no exaggeration! two months ago, I spent many hours correcting the swirls and scratches on the ten yr old finish, and have been washing it regularly with ONR. I gave it the usual rinseless wash, and then liberally applied this mango-scented elixir. The gloss and slipperiness that have been touted and "hyped" were appearing before my eyes on the entire vehicle! I called my wife out to the garage and asked if the truck looked different in any way (she didn't know that I had done anything more than the wash). She immediately remarked that the paint had a glowing kind of gloss that she didn't even mention when I had corrected it 2 months ago! There is indeed a marked difference in the reflective property of the paint. And it does get (to use Levi's adjective) slipperier as it cures (about two hours total)! I just used it as a drying aid to my weekly ONR wash, and then went lightly over the whole dried Suburban again as a QD. Goodness, it somehow looks glossier than even the first application! The initial application is indeed a "heavier" coat, but not so for subsequent applications. A final word about how much gets used: I filled a 32 oz bottle, applied the first (heavy) coat, and then used as a drying agent and THEN gave the entire Suburban another light (kinda generous) QD, and still have ten ounces left! You'd have to be spilling this on the ground to say you're using up too much product!! This gallon jug is more than worth your investment.

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    Where have you been all my life..........?????????????????

    Posted by Jonathan Caskey on 28th Aug 2018

    Sick Slickness. I have started finding excusses just to use this stuff. After second application dust and road sand will not stick as easy to the paint. Gallon two on order.

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    Bead Maker

    Posted by Bdeale on 9th Aug 2018

    I’m a convert from Maguiars 157. I love this stuff. I’ve had 3 guys from my office order this from you.

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    Great Product (some concerns)

    Posted by Chris on 26th Jul 2018

    Overall, fantastic product! Works as advertised and leaves a great soft feeling/protectant on my paint. We've had 5 days of rain in MD, and the water is definitely beading up on my car everywhere! My only concern is when I received it, I noticed the liquid had what looked to be red dye floating around. I shook to bottle vigorously and it didn't go away. Spoke to customer service and they said it's "normal" and they got a bad batch. So far so good and worth the $$. Will order again!

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